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Bubble Football Coming !

Bubble soccer or bubble football is a new sport around Europe. It is somehow similar to football, only it is played with special equipment. Bubble football has been born in Norway and has become popular in many countries in the world.


In bubble football there are no specific roles during the game, but players are required to wear special bubble suits. Each team in bubble football has only five players. The game is fun for children and adults alike and it is physical and exhilarating. The bubble suits allow players to move their legs freely inside the zorb ball, to flip, jump, walk, and run.

Bubble football introduces an exciting twist in the traditional game. Players are wrapped in a giant and soft inflatable bubble ball. Inside the ball are handles and shoulder harnesses. Once you get inside of one of these bubble balls you will have much fun as you bump into opponents. Bubble football is a very entertaining sport, with lots of fun for spectators and players alike.