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Bubble Football For Sale

Bubble football amazon. Jump inside a big inflatable bubble and have at it! Leave it to those crazy Europeans to invent a sport that is spreading from Europe — a mashup between soccer, human bowling and dodgeball. Get into a friendly game and see what everyone is talking about. Each ball is made from high-quality, durable 0.8mm PVC plastic. Bubble Soccer is the ONLY seller of the Battle Ball Bubble Soccer brand on Amazon. Other sellers have attempted to list under Bubble Soccer, however the products are NOT the same product, nor do they carry the same quality guarantee of the Bubble Soccer.


Bubble soccer or football if you’re from Europe has spread to Italy, providing us with this totally amusing clip of guys smashing into each other, bouncing around and rolling across the floor in inflatable, Zorb-like balls. As much as we love watching these big guys chase after balls, it’s even more fun watching them bounce around upside down with their legs stuck in the air. Oh, the indignityForget faking an injury while you’re ensconced in this contraption, but is anyone keeping score? We’re laughing too hard to keep tally.