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Having A Blast With Bubble Football

If you are into games and sports, especially ones that involve balls, then here something really fun. How about you become the ball. That’s right, with a wearable, crash-able, fully body inflatable suit that can bounce, you can literally become the ball when playing bubble football or any other silly games you can make up in your head.

For one to fit into them, the bubble football suits have been designed with an open space at their center with shoulder straps at the back and grip handles at the front and have different sizes -mostly 1.5 meters around but can be as small as 1.2 meters or as large as 1.5 meters- and can as well be customized to fit specif individuals. They are built from flexible durable plastics with structural elements to keep the centered. They are also transparent so you can see the person inside if you are playing in a team. With a weight roughly roughly ten to fifteen pounds, bubble football suits have a valve for filling and emptying which aids in the bounce when there is a bump.


When you buy bubble football, you are bound to enjoy yourself so much and feel like a little child again. When the game starts, everybody jumps straight in, there is usually a lot off bumping, bouncing and lots of laughter, especially from the spectators. Bubble football which was invented in Canada in 2008 has become an increasingly hot game for both indoors and outdoors. Its popularity has spread in countries like Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Germany among others. The game can be played at kids parties, fun days, bachelor party, events such as team building, charity day, corporate events and family get together.

Bubble football can be played by most anyone starting from kids the age of five and above. The game is generally not dangerous so long as the bubble suit is worn properly. The fun of the game is there are no specific rules except two people cannot get into one bubble suit and you can not bring any sharp objects into the game.

If you find yourself in need of a bit of fun and laughter, why not go buy bubble football suits, invite some friends and explore this whacky alternative way of playing the beautiful game and give yourself the ride of your life pushing each other and watching yourselves bounce and roll and smash yourself silly again and again.